Monday, March 7, 2016

(up)-cycling in the rain.... the waterproof beanie cap!

There are two things you should know about the Netherlands before you understand the necessity of today's refashion:

1- Dutch people love cycling
2- It's always raining

Unfortunately, those two things don't really match. Not that we don't use our bikes when it rains -we do- but in general, I like to arrive without looking like I've been kidnapped by a giant octopus or something alike.
The general solution to this problem is simply pulling your hood up when it's raining. But as I will demonstrate, that is one crappy solution. 

Let's imagine that I'm on my bike, biking in the rain with my hood pulled up. After a while, I probably will come across an intersection. Let's see if it's safe to pass, okay? So bleary-eyed picture-Marije, any cars approaching from the left?
" Nothing but fabric on this side!"
hmm.... from the right maybe?
"Bllggrrhh, Can't. See. Anything!"
As you can see: even if you manage to keep your hood in place  (which you don't because it is always windy) you won't be able to see a thing because you are trapped inside your cocoon of fabric and hair. 
It is unpleasant, sweaty, itchy, and most of all; dangerous. 
So, I tried to think of a better solution. something like.... a waterproof hat maybe? 

but NOT like that. 

After some thinking, I figured that I could me a sort of beanie with a cap attached to it ( cap beanie, beanie cap?) should be a good idea. I fell in love with beanies since I made one for Joost, because they are comfortable and allows you to tuck your hear underneath.  By adding a cap to protect my face and making it waterproof in some way, it should be a great way to withstand the Dutch weather, non? 
So here's what I did! 

used materials:
  • an old jersey skirt.
  • an ugly old cap
  • some impregnation spray to make textile waterproof (apparently, the spray that I use on my boots also works on fabric, yay!)

First I traced a pattern for a beanie on my skirt, using an old beanie as an example. I made it extra long because I have a big head have a lot of hair that needs to fit underneath. 
The skirt was made out of two layers of fabric, so I actually made it out of double fabric.

And I simply stitched everything together. A beanie is born!

For the cap I used an old cap that Joost and I had bought for our survival-holiday in Sweden last year. They were incredibly ugly and all the wildlife went running from us as soon as they saw our headwear.  Except for reindeer, who didn't bother. Which leads me to the conclusion that reindeer have no taste at all in caps. 

Nice hat bro!"
I was very happy to get rid of that ugly cap, so I cut off the cap-part, and covered it in fabric ( which involved some hand-stiching). After that I attached it to my beanie ( which is much easier if you leave a little edge on the cap.  

When I stitched everything to together, the basis of my cap beanie was finished. 
I still needed to make the whole thing water resistant, so I pulled it over an old vase to stretch it a little, and sprayed it entirely with two layers of impregnation spray. Voila!

This is how it looks finished! 

It may not look like the most exciting refashion ever, but for me it is. After years of coming home with wet hair and a dripping face, without ever being able to find a proper solution, this definitely is a great improvement.

I hope you enjoyed!!
why was the only decent picture one with my hand behind my head? arghh!

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