Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Giveaway Tuesday... the results!

Hi there!

First of all, thank you all for responding and e-mailing me, I love reading your responses to my blog!

Today I'll choose the 3 winners of the giveaway!
For a few days, it looked as if my poor family would be the only ones receiving my postcards, but after this weekend, they got quite a bit of competition :)

So let's start with it!
Broen, will you be my sparkling assistant?

"Sure thing!!"

I like to keep things old-fashioned, so I wrote all your names on pieces of paper and tossed them in a bowl.

And the winners are.... (drumroll...)

Pan Pan studios, Bee and Julie!!


Winners, I will contact you for further details about sending the cards.

Didn't you win anything? Don't worry too much, I'm planning on a second giveaway in the near future.

Cheers! Marije


  1. Wow!! That's brilliant, thank you so much. I'll look forward to receiving it :)

  2. Oh my goodness I am so excited!!!! I can't wait!

    1. Let me know if you need my email!

    2. Cool!! If you could fill your address in in my contact form on the right (the one that says "contact me!" I should have your e-mail and address so I can send it to you. I'm planning on starting to paint this evening! :)

      congrats and cheers!!

  3. hello! so excited to hear that i won. thank you so much. just making sure my message went through the contact form?

    1. Congrats! haven't got your message yet, though... probably a malfunctioning contact form...sorry!
      Could you send me an email on brouwermarije {AT} gmail. com ?