Saturday, March 19, 2016

Cinderella's stepsister: A severe case of thrift shop fever

It was 5 minutes before closing time and the cashier of the thirft shop was tapping her fingers impatiently. And I... I was completely unaware of this all, in the fitting room squeezing myself in numerous items. Finally, the cashier could take it no longer. "We're closing in a minute!" she snapped at the general direction of my fitting chamber. "What?" I mumbled, with my head halfway through what -by the size of it- appeared to be an armhole. In my mind, it was at least half an hour till closing time. Unfortunately it wasn't, and hastily I tried to wiggle myself back into my own clothes, and ran to the checkout. In the spur of the moment I decided to buy a pair of black wedges that I had only spotted seconds before.

On hindsight, maybe not a very bright idea; I hadn't even tried them on. And indeed; at home the inevitable happened: the shoes didn't fit. They made me look like cinderella's chubby stepsister. And  what was even worse; I didn't even like those shoes. Why on earth had I bought those monstrous things?

the label might be Graceland, but there's no grace in sight!

Well, a reason that may have played a small part here, was the fact that these shoes were black wedges, and I kind of needed black wedges for my work. But the major reason for my impulsive action was that I had suffered a severe case of thrift shop fever.

Thrift shop fever... that's what I call the temporary brain-malfunctioning that makes you buy really weird stuff in thrift shops. (I work in a hospital, I'm allowed to invent new diseases ;) ) It really only happens to me in thrift shops, but when it happens, oh boy.... ugly clothing in wring sizes, toys even though I don't have kids, incredibly tacky art..  Why does it happen? Is it the light, the atmosphere, or the comparison of even uglier items that make those things look good?

Well, anyway.. Since I was stuck with a pair of ill-fitting and ugly heels, I might as well have fun with it, didn't I?

(this is a very short description, since it was a very short refashion)
I began by removing the flowers ( that do not deserve that name).
Then I sewed two big bows from scrap fabric, and also made two smaller bows for the back of the shoe.
I hot glued them into place, and sprayed some water-proof spray onto them.
And I was done! This is what they look like now!

I think that the girlish bows quite add to the shoes. I'm usually not very girly, but I somehow do like girly shoes.
But, I still don't fit these, so I probably will have to sell them, or bring them back to the thrift shop, which is the usual aftermath of thrift shop fever..
If any of you readers would like them against shipping costs, your welcome to claim them ( it's a size 39) ! ;)


  1. I HATE being at a thrift store when they are closing because I always do this. If I don't have the proper time to weed through my stuff I end up getting crazy things. Too bad they don't fit you but you did make them more cute!!

    1. glad to hear I'm not the only one with that problem!! ;) Hope your thrifting misfortunes haven't been too bad because of your impulsive buying ;)


  2. I would dearly love these as I adore embellished shoes, irregular choice ate my favorites. But alas I have huge yeti feet and they wouldn't fit!!! Have never thought of pimping my own shoes though so might have to go hunt for some I can embellish :)

    1. aww, that's too bad! If I ever buy ones that are too big for me, I'll give you a head's up! :)