Tuesday, March 29, 2016

thrifty and handmade interiors: a peek inside my living room!

Since I've started this blog, I've had quite a few conversations with various people than went somewhat along the following lines:

stranger: Hey, I read you're into making/thrifting/upcycling* (*choose one) things. Cool! I also like making/thrifting/upcycling!
me: "Glad you like it!"
stranger:  "yeah... but you know... I never know what to do with those thrifted/upcycled/handmade things. I mean, I like it when other people have these creative houses, but I like a classier/simpler/different style for my own house.

Despite my complete lack in skills to paraphrase a conversation, I actually do hear this sentiment quite a lot; People who think that incorporating hand-made or thrifted items in your house inevitably leads to a vintage, hippie-like style with loads of color and obvious crafts everywhere.

OF COURSE IT DOESN'T!!! There are a lot of possibilities to have a interior that doesn't involve any retail without making it look like your house is a dependance of your thrift shop. In order to show that, I thought it would be nice to give you a little peek inside my own humble abode, where practically all items are made, thrifted or ( in most cases) a combination of those two.

Today's edition: Our living room.

In the picture:

second hand
- couch: bought second hand online for about 300 euro's 
- round wooden side table: thrifted for 5 euro's ( part of three)
- little round plant pot: got at a yard sale for free

self made: 
- lamp
- cushions
- terrarium
- wall decoration

- round wooden side table: thrifted for 5 euro's ( part of three)
- little round plant pot: got at a yard sale for free
- vase: a thrifted water bottle bought for 0,50

- chair: and old cinema chair from the 1930's. I bought two online for 20 euro's each, and restored and upholstered them 
- wall: colored with sharpies by Joost and me. 

Let's look a little more in close up, shall we?

made by cutting the 'A' twice out of an old woolen blanket, and sewing them together with long straps of fabric in between
you can still see the collar and hem of this old sweater!
This cover was made from an old blanket, where I simply stitched the outline of a dear on front.

This lamp is an Ikea-hack: I bought a secondhand frame of this lamp for something like 10 euro's and fitted it with another lampshade ( also a thrift find). Recently, I wrapped a lovely climbing plant -a stephanotis- around the base by simply taping the pot to the base, and letting the plant climb around it. Bonus: stephanotis smells really lovely!!

Broen's little tea-cup plants!

I made the wall-art by illustrating a long piece of paper (I bought it on a roll at Ikea), with sharpies and added pieces of a broomstick to the top and bottom. it hangs on a simple shoelace:)


Did you like having a little sneak peak into my interior? If you did, please let me know; I might add more inside-scoops ( because you've only seen a small part of it!) If you like me to, I could also add some before/afters of some of the made things in the pictures ( such as the painted wall or the chairs)


  1. The sharpie wall!!!!!!! LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Your wall is fabulous, can't believe you made it only using sharpies, chapeau bas l'artiste!

  3. Love it, especially the wall! I'd love to see more!

  4. nice job, all of it is just lovely