Saturday, March 12, 2016

A dog toy made from scraps

My parents own a dog. Not just any dog; a BIG dog. Her name is Benthe.
"That will be me!!"
I can tell you a lot of stories about Big Benthe, but I won't do that since this blog is about making things, not about dogs. So I won't tell you about that time she ran away while still being attached to a bicycle rack, and subsequently had an entire French village in uproar. Nope, definitely won't tell about that ;)

But what I can tell you about her is that she loves to chew on stuff. A lot. And if there are no dog toys around, She'll happily go off and search for something else to chew on, like gloves.

In order to stop her from chewing on all my dad's working gloves, I decided to make Benthe a little present. And I had just the material for it: scraps.

The brilliance of this craft is that it is a great way to use your scraps ( even tiny pieces of it) for something useful.

I gathered all the scraps that were left of my previous crafting projects.  I had quite a lot of it.

making it was so easy, that I completely forgot to take pictures while working on it. Fortunately, I'm pretty sure that you'll understand what I did without pictures.

I cut three pieces of (stretch) fabric into long, and not too narrow strips. I then rolled the strips up, while filling them with all different kinds of scraps to give them some extra volume.

I then simply braided them together, pulling the braid very tightly to make sure that Benthe's jaws of destruction wouldn't destroy my efforts on seconds.

I then made a knot on both sides, and shredded the ends. By making little knots on the ends, I created a nice, fraying effect.

Easy as that!

I hope your own canine ( or feline) pals will enjoy this little craft!

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