Thursday, March 24, 2016

Broen the cat plants a veggie garden

Hi There!

You must be wondering "Why am I reading a blog written by a cat today?" Well, the food-dispenser lady (let's just call her mum) has been very busy last week with publishing her first academic paper. But of course I know that the readers of her blog are much more important than those dusty scientists, so being a good cat like I am, I volunteered to help her with making a blog today!

It all began when mum came home with some vegetable-seeds. The Albert Heijn, a Dutch supermarket had been handing out  "mini-moestuintjes": little boxes with seeds and dirt, that allow you to grow your own fruit and vegetables.

a vegetable garden for gnomes!

The instructions say that you just have to add water, but well, that's a bit too plain for a stylish cat like me. So I decided to upgrade the project into something a bit fancier. This was what I used:

- one of mum's vintage cups ( she never uses them anyway)
- the vegetable seeds from the grocery store ( we had rucola and beans)
- some extra dirt

Ready to get my paws dirty!

Here's what I did!

First, I poured some dirt into the cup.

sniffin' to see if the dirt is good. 
luckily, the dirt was just about right! I don't know how mum does it without the sniffing. She must really suck as a gardener, I think. 

Planting the seeds!
Of course, I ate one, which is a crucial step in planting a seed, as you all know!

Then, I added some extra dirt to cover the seeds, and added a good bit of water. A little extra water in the beginning, helps the germination process.

Almost finished!
The last step was adding a little label to each cup, telling which seeds were in which cup. plus: it looks much cuter with a little label!

I have impeccable hand writing for a cat.
I think it makes a pretty nice gift as well, don't you think? As soon as the seeds need it, we'll place a big jar upside down over de cup the keep it moist.

Whoo! So that was my first craft ever! If I don't eat all the seeds in meantime, our garden should look like this in a few months:

A paradise for bug-hunting!

I'm off take a nap, I hope you have enjoyed this post! 


  1. Cute! Congrats on your paper!!!

  2. Congrats on the paper! What's it about?!

    1. Hi! Thanks! phew I hope you are up for the answer ;) ... it's about "End-of-life care and end-of-life decision-making for terminally ill children" Quite a heavy topic for a crafting-blog! :) I'm working on a research project where we try to incorporate the wishes and experiences of children and parents themselves into guidelines, and make them determine what kind of care they receive, instead of doctors deciding for them. Definitely not an easy research, but giving children a chance to speak up is very rewarding!

    2. That doesn't sound easy at all. Heavy topic but what a great idea to have the children more involved. I would be an emotional mess trying to research that!

  3. Ohhhh such an enlightening post! I always struggle to get seedlings to grow and now I realised that I have been missing several crucial steps. Not enough sniffing of dirt and I have never eaten a seed.
    The more you know...

    Thanks Broen, I'll give your superior techniques a go next time I'm in the garden.

    1. Hi Louise! At your service, I love getting my paws dirty in order to enlighten you!
      Don't forget the occasional wee in the garden, works like a charm as well!

    2. I think we are probably OK for wee. We have a cat, a puppy and two kids.