Saturday, April 23, 2016

recycle week day 6: Bottoms up!

Earlier this week, I received a message from Tambra, with a link to this creative lady. Bottles are so versatile, it immediately inspired me to make something with bottles as well!

But before I let you in on my crafting adventure, I first HAVE to show you the amazing work of this lady:

so, so, so cool!!! 
But as I started digging through my house looking for empty bottles, I suddenly realized something: We already had a quite amazing bottle-craft in our house...  So I hope you will forgive me for the fact of sharing that one with you today!

The thing I'm referring to is this vertical garden, made from empty bottles. It's quirky and funny, and given the basic style that dominates most of our house, I think it adds a funny twist. And guess what; it's quite easy to make!

Since this craft is a throwback, I don't have any pictures during the making, but I do have a schematic overview:

Start by making the bottles in the middle. you can add as many as you like. 

Once you've cut them, you can add them together by squeezing the bottleneck through the hole in the bottom of the second bottle, and screw the cap on to secure it. 

If you want your plants to survive, water reservoir on the top ( for pouring the water in) and the bottom ( for keeping your floor dry) is will be quite a good idea..

The top can be made like this:

The bottom doesn;t really need any work: just punch holes in the cap, screw or glue it to the cap of the lowest bottle and make sure the holes match up to prevent water spilling. 

Add some strings to the top, and your done!

top reservoir

Now you can fill it with dirt and plants! We used to have herbs in them, but as they kept dying on us because we forgot watering them, we decided to just put some succulents and cacti in instead. 

Even though I'm not really a cactus-loving person ( I'm sorry, but that trend is just idiotic.. I mean, of all the lovely plants in the world, why would you choose a plant whose only purpose is stinging you?) but I do think they look quite nice in this thing. And if they ever die on me -a girl can dream- I can replace them with a bit nicer, easy-maintenace plant..;)

 So, that's today's craft! I hope you liked it! 


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  1. These are great! I think some herbs would be worth a try or perhaps some ivy. This might also be something kids might enjoy making too. Thanks so much for sharing this project!