Saturday, April 16, 2016

a small announcement: recycle week

Hey people!

I'm usually not a big fan of H&M and their view on fashion/ fashion-industry, but this time they seem to have come up with quite a nice initiative; world recycle week. Recycle week, you say? I imagine your reactions to be either one of these:

If you tend to be on camp 2; don't worry yet! This is not going to be a lesson on recycling. As you may have noticed in all my previous posts: I really love giving unloved objects a second life. So yeah, I like that part of recycling. But as you -hopefully- also may have noticed I'm not your mom (shock!) So nah... I'm not planning on telling you why recycling is important.

But I will sort of join the initiative of H&M by sharing short, daily posts on easy upcycle-projects. Giving unloved objects a second life! So in a way, it is kind of what you're used from this blog, but then more frequently, and I promise not to buy my stuff at the thrift shop this time, but instead I'll go around my own house, and see how I can give things I would otherwise have thrown away, a second life. One craft a day.

So, do you think it's a good idea? Maybe willing to join the recycle-weeek in your own way? And do you have requests on things you would like me to upcycle? ( I'm keeping some freedom here, though ;) ) Please let me know!


  1. I've got a refashion I will be posting on Thursday. I'm all for upcycling!

    How about upcycling something incredibly ugly from the thrift shop?

    1. Hi Tami! Cool, I'll keep an eye on your blog ( which I would also do without the refashion, because your posts are fun to read!!)

      Oooh I love ugly thrift shop! I'll see what I can find, although I try not to buy things this week, but rather find materials for free... Hopefully the thrift shop will sponsor me a bit with some of their throwaways ( when things are really ugly, they tend to do that sometimes, hurray!)

  2. How about a recycle on a roadside find? The table where I'm sitting right now was a castoff and it turned out great! Love furniture recycling!

    1. Hi Robin!

      Wauw sounds great! Also, how lucky are you to find a table at the roadside!!? If I manage to find a roadside find this week, I'll definitely make a post about it, great idea!

      hugs, Marije