Wednesday, April 6, 2016

celebration time!

Break our the champagne guys, we've reached a milestone...

This blog has reached 10.000 readers! Whooohhooooooo!

I never expected to get there within two months! Massive thank you to Jillian from refashionista for giving me a kick start, and also a massive thanks to you, my readers!

So it was time to host a miniature party. Luckily I had just the thing for it: a miniature pot of glitter galore!

break in case of awesome you say? Well, this sounds like a pretty awesome occasion to me... bring out your unicorns!

"Break" it!

(If you want to make one for yourself; just take a tiny pot, a lot of glitter and write a little label to go with it.. that's it! Makes quite a neat little gift as well!)

It's been a blast writing and making things so far. I hope to keep it up for quite a long time, and I also hope that you keep enjoying these posts. 

Much love! Marije


  1. Congratulations! that's quite an accomplishment indeed. I've been blogging since 2012 and you have surpassed me already.

    1. Thank you! If it weren't for my guest post on refashionista it my audience would probably have been limited to my mum and boyfriend, so don't fret! I had a lovely morning reading your posts, and really like your blog! keep up the good work!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! and thank you for being such a nice commenter, I really appreciate it! :):)

  3. Congratulations! A great blog about all things crafty, just my cup of gin ;)
    But glitter? Eurgh! It's like the herpes of the art world

    1. hahahaha! you should have told me told me beforehand! I hadn't used glitter in years, and had forgotten why... Now I know, I keep finding those damned things everywhere!

  4. Lol its true, you just can't get rid of the stuff. It's like pine needles from the Christmas tree that I'm still vaccing up 4 months later!