Friday, April 22, 2016

recycle week day 5: a trip down memory lane.

Last week, I've been going through my old belongings. Going through stuff I didn't even rememver I owned, deciding what should stay, what should go and -the things you've read about- the things that deserve a second life. The reason for this? Well, we're moving houses!

Yes, Joost and I have bought a really cute little farm house, and we are moving houses in only a couple of weeks. Of course I've known about this for a for a few weeks now, but I didn't dare tell you yet since we hadn't yet received a final decision from the bank. But now we have, and it's official: We are leaving!

For me, it will be the fourth home I live in in only 2,5 years (the end university life/start of working life is a chaotic time) So, first things first, I'm going to give you a little peek of what -in a 100 buckets of paint- will be our home:

If it's old, I'm sold...  and it has a huge backyard!!

But going through all these things has been a trip down memory lane, all those items from our past that may or may not have a place in our future life, it is kind of weird!

Iconic in this process were all the photo's I kept finding throughout the house. Despite the fact that we're living in a digital era, I'm the kind of person that likes printed photo's. the far most of them end up in my journals that I use for sketches,thoughts and as my companion during traveling.

photo's, thoughts, stories, sketches.. Can you spot Broen and my old pet-goats?
Despite my efforts to keep my photo's in my journals, I still had a lot of photo's left: the double ones, the ones that didn't fit in my journal, or the ones I simply didn't know what to do with.
Although I didn't really have a place for them, I just couldn't bring myself to throwing these away. So In the light of recycle week I decided to recycle them into a garland!

Here's my bunch of photo's.
I started by making a template for a banner from a scratch piece of paper.

I placed the template on my photo's and started cutting
When all the banners were cut, I found myself some nice ribbon.
ps: Hey past-Marije, nice bangs! 

I placed the photo underneath the ribbon and simply started sewing! ( I used a zigzag)
And I continued sewing and sewing. I didn't bother cutting the thread in between the photo's, I just sewed over the ribbon. It's much easier.

By taping a little arrow on your machine, you can create even spacing in a yiffie! 

And as soon as I had sewn all photo's to the ribbon, I was done!
This is how it came out!

celebrating memories.

looks quite stylish!

all my memories combined. 


So, what do you say..?. Neat idea or an absolute waste of photographs? Please let me know!


  1. Oo congratulations on your lovely new home, weep needed lots of new craft ideas to fill it up!!

    1. thanks!
      Yep, there's a lot of crafting to be done, so that should be good for a lot of blog posts, haha!

  2. Oo congratulations on your lovely new home, weep needed lots of new craft ideas to fill it up!!

  3. First, congrats on the new home!! That is so exciting!!! And this is my favorite craft so far. Absolutely NOT a waste of photos, which otherwise would be sitting in a drawer somewhere.

    And don't forget to keep Broen inside for a while after you move. You know how cats try to find their way back to what they consider "home"!

  4. thanks! glad you like it! :)

    Yeah we were already considering that. It's going to be quite a challenge, keeping three cats who don't always get along indoors for at least a few weeks.. Especially Inky and Lieve, who are -contrary to Broen- quite smart, will probably seize every opportunity to sneak outside..

  5. Our cats used to be indoor/outdoor until we had a tragedy. They have since adjusted to being strictly indoor and now I'm a converted "indoor cats only" zealot, LOL. We have 5 rescued cats and 2 big rescued dogs (through the prison system, kind of like Cell Dogs). Everyone gets along until springtime, when Foster (one of the cats) gets spring fever and starts marauding the giant dogs, out of frustration. Better frustrated than dead, and they get lots of extra love, attention and treats in the spring.

    1. Although I personally like my cats to go outside as well, I can very well imagine you decided to keep them inside after such a tragedy!
      I find it amazing that you manage to keep 5 (!) cats and a couple of dogs inside without having too much trouble! And poor Foster, I totally feel him, during spring time my hay fever makes me go crazy as well from time to time!!