Wednesday, May 11, 2016

moving houses, moving schmouses.... and a refashioned dress!

Hi guys!

First of all, can I have permission to say 'UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRGGH'!
and then some more uuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeerrgggg... and well, more of that.

moving houses sucks so hard, that if I could put all that sucktitude into a machine, you would have the best vacuum cleaner in the world. I banged my toes against Every. single. moving box in the house. I have turned three boxes upside down looking for scissors, and now Joost is calling from the kitchen, asking if I know where I packed the nutmeg (!) which i know, because I packed it at the bottom of a box, but I have no idea which one. So, yeah I think I will start liking moving houses again as soon as we've got the keys to our new place, but so far, I am hating the guts out of it!

But to cheer myself up, yet another throwback-refashion! ( I will soon be making things again. promised!)

I started with a little, sleeveless black dress.

After an idea that I think I saw on Sarah's blog, I decided to go a bit bolder with this dress, with white ribbon details on the shoulders.

The first step was adding little cap sleeves from a piece of fabric that was leftover after shortening a skirt.

sorry, I don't have the original photo's, so the text in in Dutch!

Then, with a tiny zigzag-stitch, I stichted the whole thing into place, which was actually easier than I expected it to be. just make sure that you only stitch the very bottom of the ribbon, to allow it to stand up.

but then, disaster happenend.. 

Especially for girls with hulk-like legs like mine, this dress was simply too short.
But, no worries, because I simply too some extra fabric from the before-mentioned shortened skirt, and added some extra lentgh.

this is how it turned out!

again, a little quircky, but I quite liked it! the hem looks a bit wobbly in the picture, but as I remember it ( hey, it was 2 years ago!) in reality it was quite okay;)

I hope you liked it! 
So, while my only creative activity has been packing boxes lately,  I'm wondering: have you been up to any creative mischief lately?


  1. Repainting @ pulling up carpet in my studio. Also remaking the closet, painting bookshelves, figuring out how to get shelves to work with plaster walls. I'm exhausted with being busy. ��

  2. I'm sure I'll enjoy it once its done

    1. whew, sounds like a lot of work there! I hope the results will make up for the effort you're putting in there! :) ( I always have this tendency to move as soon as I have finished, but I swear this time is soing to be different! Good luck with the hard work, I'm sending you good vibes over here to finish it ;)

  3. I'm sure I'll enjoy it once its done

  4. I'm taking two different online classes right now, editing a novella and writing a novella to submit for an anthology. My "new" serger is back from being cleaned and checked. I've never owned a serger before so I'm very excited. Art wise I'm doing preliminary sketches for a new book and I'm liking Bristol paper and Vellum. Hugs on the moving. It does suck, but once you're moved in and settled y'all won't be so stressed.

    1. Thanks for the moving support! :)
      And oh.. a serger, I am so, so envious! My mom has one and I loved using it when we made the clothing line for the shop. makes refashioning so much easier!
      Good luck with all those projects!

  5. I've bought the supplies to dye my own wool for applique. And also bought lots of beautiful threads. But I won't be able to stitch toooo much till school lets out (I teach kindergarten).

    Really unusual, cute dress.

    1. wow, dying your own wool? sounds exciting! how do you do that? My parents live on the country-side and often get complete sheep-furs in spring. I've thought about doing something with those ( making yarn, or felting with them) , but never thought about dying. But it sounds like a nice thing to do!
      Good luck with your bunch of kiddo's, I bet teaching them is quite an exhausting job now that summer is approaching!

  6. You are the cutest! And I love love love how yours turned out!!!! You look so good in that black dress. :)

  7. You are the cutest! And I love love love how yours turned out!!!! You look so good in that black dress. :)

    1. Aww thanks, that means a lot hearing that from you! Thank you so, so much for the inspiration! I so often dream away at your blog, I love reading your stories!