Sunday, May 22, 2016

The moving files: chaos, cats and crappy paint

before I go on with this post, I feel obliged to show you the dark side of our moving skills:

well, one member of our household enjoyed the mess..


yes, yesterday we had to hunt our cats througouth the entire neighbourhood to get them in their baskets our cats happily joined us on a car-ride from hell lovely little ride towards our new home. So, the family is complete! While Broen quite enjoyed looking our other two feline friends were slightly less entertained...

"We really hate you"
I hope they will forgive me some day for putting them in those baskets...
While Broen was enjoying himself, and Lieve and Inky found refuge at the upper floor, we decided to tackle another ugly part of the house:

Is it possible to put more of the sixties in one picture?
I really like that stained glass around the door, but for the rest of the interior.... I think it should be buried somewhere far, far away, never to be looked at again ( and what's up with those weird ceilings in the house anyway?)

the other side of the hall was equally bad...
We started with our favorite activity: demolishing everthing we didn't like. So we tossed out the fluffly orange floor, scraped the styrofoam ceiling off, en removed the impractical, big wardrobe.

then I started painting. 
Unfortunately, my paint had two things in common with yoghurt; it's thickness, and its coloring abilities. It was absolutely crap! 

In the picture below, I had already painted several layer, but the pain was uneven, transparent en just bad in every single way. So after a few hours I called it a day and decided to wait until I had better paint to work with. 

But although we are far from being finished, I really like how light it is becoming. 


when the painting is finished, the hall gets the same wooden floor as the living room.
My only concern is that it may be a bit too white. So I'll have to think about a pop of color somewhere... a pastel-colored ceiling? a carpet? a big plant? hmm... decisions decisions... what would you recommend?


  1. How about some colorful homemade art to break up whiteness of the walls? I think the plant might take up too much room and the floor will be beautiful with that wood. And I just don't like color-painted ceilings. But that's just me! Try some things...

  2. It looks great, BTW. Here are some ideas. Maybe you could echo the colors of the stained glass.I like the green canvases with white stripes:

  3. Congratulations on your new home! It is lovely! And thank you for sharing your remodeling. I think a blue ceiling would be lovely.

  4. I am terrible at decorating so I am not help with ideas but I love the stained glass! Also I've never seen a styrofoam ceiling before.