Sunday, February 7, 2016

On making things.

A while ago, I was a little addicted to Pinterest. And with good reason: Pinterest is a wonderland for grown-ups. A world where everyone's hair flows in gravity-defying ways, where baking soda fixes everything, where you can turn anything into a cake topper, where lasagna is low-fat, and where weddings have disney-like proportions but only cost a dime.

Oh pinterest-gal, you just have it all

Thing is, pinterest-girls don't usually look like that. The real pinterest girl looks like this: 

Scrolling, and scrolling, and scrolling....collecting hundreds of pins but never executing an idea? Well, hello pinterest-girl :)

I love scrolling, but my experience is that the amount of ideas can work really paralyzing. It can be exhausting to keep looking at ideas from someone else, but never executing one for yourself. And trying to follow tutorials with expensive materials that have nothing to do with how you would make it yourself ( and usually screwing up ;) )

To be honest, I do not like that.

Making is about making being creative. Using your own ideas. Screwing up and rethinking something. Making is an adventure, exactly copying someone else's idea is not. Therefore I have an advice for all those pinterest-people that have trouble getting started with making things.

Blogs like mine should inspire you, not tell you exactly what to do. So be creative! Give ideas your own spin. Use other materials, draw on things, do it differently. See it as an experiment, where everything is allowed, realize that making something perfect is really boring. Screw up. Begin again.

Give it a try, I hope you'll enjoy!

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