Sunday, February 28, 2016

just a little giftbox

Joost's father recently made a trip to China. When he came back he brought us two lovely Chinese cups. Since not only these cups, but also the box that they came in were very pretty, I thought that it would be nice to give the box a second purpose.

not pictured, but... it shimmers!!
So, when Joost was out of town for the evening, I grabbed some pencils and paint, thought a bit about what I would like to paint on it, and started painting.
I didn't want to put too much effort in it, and I sort of made an illustration up while painting it. It's not too special, but still, I had a nice evening watching some series while painting it.  

A jewelry box, a gift box..? I'm not sure yet.. 


  1. What a lovely, real creative things you made! Very original en inspiring! Seems that the first sunshone of this year has send you a cloudful inspiration. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Aww, Thank you! :) You are the best teacher in making things I could wish for!