Saturday, February 13, 2016

a small sendable gifts: a mini pluche cat.

I don't know whether it was something in the air, or it is just the fact that I have entered the second half of my twenties, but last year everyone around us seemed to be reproducing.
And thus last months the postman kept bringing us birth announcement cards. So, Joost and I were busy visiting all those new human beings, and writing numerous baby cards. 

Last week, when a friend of Joost became father of a baby girl, and since we were not able to visit the parents and their girl any time soon, I wanted to send a little something with our baby card. And then I had an idea: why not make something myself?

I liked the idea of sewing something, because fabric thing are ideal for children, and because I like sewing. Thinking of the fascination of both my nieces for cats, I decided on a small pluche cat. I sketched a pattern.

a simple pattern. 
-I the pattern twice out of white felt with a little seam allowance, sewed them together, and turned the whole thing inside out.
-Then I filled the cat with some stuffing. I found a little cat-bell that I also put inside, so that it makes some noise when you shake it.
-I made a little face for the cat with a little black yarn.
-The crochet flower was left over from a "sinterklaas" present, and I sewed it between the paw and the belly from the cat. Finally, I made a little skirt by sewing a small piece of fabric into a tube.

My little cat was ready, and I quite liked her! Do you too?

With some double sided tape, I placed her on a plain white card. I drew a little balloon in her other arm, and wrote the name of the child in it. Very simple, but nice!

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the complete card, but I did some photo-shopping to give you an impression of what it looked like. Except that it did not really look like this, it looked much better. I'm truly a horrible photoshopper...

pardon my photo shop! 

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