Saturday, September 23, 2017

Oh Duvet, where have you been hiding?

Hi friends, it's been a few busy weeks!

We celebrated a belated housewarming, and invited way too many friends with way too many kids to our humble house (we had a blast, though)

Since we live in the middle of nowhere (at least: to Dutch standards we do) I also had to arrange a few sleeping places for our friends, thus I took all our spare duvets and pillows from their hiding place, looked at how bulky they were and figured: 'well, that's a bit of a shame, filling my storing space with this!

I don't want to stow all this softness away!!
The housewarming came and went (I was social and everything, it was.. amazing), and there again I stood with our spare duvets in my hands, thinking what a shame it was ( they really take up a lot of space y'know!) So, instead of tucking the whole package away again, I placed it in front of me, and stared at it for a good bit. and then it hit me: of course! instead of filling the attic with it, I could use this bulkiness to make a pouffe!

The process was very simple really:

First, I folded the duvet and pillow into a stack that was as neat as I could get it - which of course isn't that neat, since I suck at being tidy.

i gUess Martha Steward is cheering for me now: "go on lass, you can fold like the fully functioning adult that you clearly aren't!"
Second, I took a spare piece of wood (presumably a previous desk top) and traced the size of my stack onto it, and cut it to size.

< just imagine me frantically sawing something, because I didn't take pictures!>

Third, I used soem small laths to create a fitting frame around the slab of wood, that would keep my future pillow into place.


it fits!
And that was about it for the handyman-part. Let's release the kraken refashionist!

First, I made a cover for the stack, made from an old bedcover that was beyond the point of repair (I once fell asleep with a permanent marker in my hand, don't ask)
Basically it was a piece of cloth wrapped around the duvet-stack, with two rectangular inserts to the side, and an open slit ( like a pillow cover) to get the bedding in and out when needed.

not very neat, but it will do the job!

Of course, a second cover was neaded to make it all look nice, and luckily I had a good bit of beige fabric that my mum had gifted me.
I traced the size of my duvet-stack on the fabric, and sewed it al together like so:

Or something like that!
That leaves the bottom uncovered, but that doen't really matter, as I also have the pink cover to keep the fabric clean, and well.. there's a wooden box beneath..

wee bit o' sewing..
A final fitting...

Yay, it still fits!!

The very final step - time to get out your screw driver again, sorry- was adding trolley cart wheels to the bottom, for a bit of extra hight and maneuverability.

saves me the hassle of making 
and that's it!

the finished product!
is that a sneak peak of my new study/sewing room? Oh yes it is! 

And when we've got guests, I simply take the covers off and can use it as a duvet again! (but they will have to fight me on it, because No Way I'm giving up this comfortable stool/pouffe up anytime soon)

And it's also ideal for kicking your legs up after a long day of adulting around...
or to sit on...
(reading a very scary book apparently)
Am I secretly showing off my new study room in the background of these photo's? Oh yes, I most definitely am!! Though it needs some final finishes, I am so pleased with the result! My next post will probably dedicated to the room, so keep your eyes peeled!



  1. This has to be one of my favorite blogs, and I'm always pleased to see that there's a new post. You make complicated projects seem perfectly reasonable and do-able!

  2. It always makes me happy to see one of your posts in my email! Your new study/sewing room is gorgeous! I'm looking forward to seeing the finishing touches.