Friday, June 3, 2016

The moving files: gotta have friends and family!

It has taken a few days, but I am very happy to announce that our hallway is as good as finished, Hurray hurray etc etc...

Let's quickly recall what we started with, okay?


okay, so as you might recall, we then got that weirdish period where we painted everything white but it looked like a milk carton..
But luckily, we came to our senses and decided to cut the wood into wainscoting.

Still a lot needed to be done, but we got some help, as our friends, Bram and Marcella, came by to lend us a much needed hand!

While Joost and Bram where busy attacking some of the trees in the garden, Marcella and I started painting..

hi there!
Because the hallway is so light, we decided on a very light grey for the wall part ( "damp" from histor). Halfway, Marcella decided to paint her hair as well, which made her look like Stacey London's curly sister, and I coated the inner side of my left ear,  which left me partly deaf for the rest of the day, but aside from that, everything went quite smoothly.

meanwhile, Broen and Lieve took turns at staring grumpily out of the living room window..

"I still really hate you!"

The next day, we decided to tackle the floor (we had some wood left from the living room)

halfway there...


We are kind of getting there.... Joost's sister came to help us out for a day, and we oiled the floor with a quite brilliant product that I found that doesn't make the floor look yellow-ish (it's called Weisgrund, for those who want to know) And finally, Joost installed our handmade lamp and added trimming to the wainscoting.

The lamp is a branch we found in the park, fitted with spotlights. the branch still has some bitemarks from a dog on it, which I find quite funny, but sometimes leaves our guests questioning our level of sanity ;)

all finished! Well, kind of..
Sooo... that makes the hallway the first project that is kind of finished! And although there are some last little painting details to be done, and we still need things such as a coat rack, it's so nice to enter the house in a room that looks nice and isn't covered in tools, dust and plaint splatters..

For those of you who think home improvement is very expensive, here are the costs:

- wainscoting: free ( recycled from the old paneled wall, and we borrowed the needed tools)
- ceiling: free
- floor: 40,- euros ( new underfloor and secondhand top floor)
- painting: 40,- euros (part of it consisted in leftover paint from my parents, which was great!)
- floor oil: about 10 euros (rest was used for the living room)
- wall-repair: 10,-

Since I am planning to make the coat hangers for free from branches, the total sum for the hallway renovation is just 100 euros, which I think is pretty neat, isn't it?

What do you think of it?

Next up our list are the kitchen and our bedrooms, so we'll see what we're going to do with that ;)


  1. That looks FABULOUS!! Love the gray and white with that flooring.

  2. Absolutely beautiful; looks very high-end!

  3. It's beautiful! Y'all are doing an awesome job. So happy you have family and friends willing to help out.