Friday, August 16, 2019

bleach polkadot trousers.

Long gone are the days that bleach dominated our kitchen cabinets. My Grandmum -not really known for her casual disposition towards hygiene,- would clean her entire house with it, like a criminal wiping down a crime scene.
Luckily, these days, most of us are a little more careful with such aggresive products, and Pinterest offers us plethora of ideas to clean our houses with products that don't make polar bears cry.

I've been busy to make my cleaning habits slightly more sustainable than my grandmothers' routines, and usually endeavor to stay away from bleach and its nasty companions, but somehow I had a bottle of bleach leftover somewhere in my cleaning stash. With the rate I'm using it now, this bottle will probably last until 2040, so, feeling all good and fluffy about myself and my greener cleaning habits, I decided to treat myself to a little bleach-powered refashion: polkadot trousers!

I started with these trousers that have lived in my closet for a couple of years, but that were just a little "meh". They are not bad, fit reasonably well, but they are simply terribly boring, so I hardly ever wore them.  So little that I had to go a few years back in my photo album to find a photo of me where I wore them.

surprisingly, the trousers are not the most horrible item of clothing in this picture..
so, en garde with the bleach!

The process should have been simple: I grabbed two skewers, unscrewed the cap from the bleach and.....

We all have our weaknesses. Achilles had his heel, Superman had kryptonite, Holmes had cocaine, and for me.. the foul, chemical smell of bleach. I can't help but like it! It smells so.. clean!  I'm very glad I'm not as keen on cleaning as my grandmother, because it would probably have resulted in a some sort of sniffing addiction. So kids, don't sniff your cleaning products!

So, trying not to inhale too deeply, I filled the cap with a little bit of bleach...

Dipped my skewers in.. 

And voila! A mini polkadot!
The colour of the dots was a gamble, but I liked how it turned out!

I could have followed a pattern, but I quite liked the starry look that I got from doing it random. My usual trouble with doing a neat pattern is that every little mistake sticks out like a sore thumb, and I  just don't have the patience for doing it perfectly. So, random it was!

It was a really quick process! completed back and front, let it dry overnight ( no idea if it was necessary, but I was worried about the bleach bleeding into the rest of the trousrs) and washed it by hand before putting it in the washing machine.

 And I really like them now!
I've worn the trousers loads of times since, including a lively sunny day on Schiermonnikoog, a tiny island near our home.

Joost willingly obliged to take a picture of my polkadotted butt, but couldn;t be bothered to stand up, hence his little hobbit feet in the photo!

The shirt, here worn as a top, was a quick refashion too!


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  1. Very cute!
    It was a nice surprise to see a blog post from you. Love your creativity and enthusiasm to try something new.