Tuesday, August 15, 2017

back with a backless shirt)

hey guys!

"How on earth is it possible" I muttured in Joost's general direction, "that all of a sudden it is summer? What happened to April, and May, and June for that matter? I was supposed to get work done in spring, get some rest, and you know... enjoy life, but all of a sudden it's almost summer holiday, and everything is still unfinished!"
Joost turned his eyes away from from his computer screen exactly long enough to look at me and indicate that he had heard me, knitted his eyebrows together, and hummed incomprehensibly in agreement. His screen showed at least 5 different projects that he was frantically working on. Ugh, I do love summer and summer holidays, but could it please not arrive in such a hurry, and be preceded by such an ungodly amount of deadlines? thank you very much!

But somehow we managed to survive the wave of deadlines and summer hols arrived in all its glory. So Joost and I decided to throw a tent in the back of our car, cue the (frankly awful, since we both have absolutely no taste at all) music, and head towards France for a few weeks of camping, hiking, paddle boarding and generally embarrassing myself with my not-so-smooth French language skills..

"l'art est amour, l'amour c'est la vie, la vie, il faut la vivre et non la subir", (Carrasco , the painter of this church)

That little church, that stood quietly in a sleepy village, has got to be the most moving piece of art I have ever seen.

Only in France you can actually paddleboard towards a 13th century castle...
So we had a great time, and a quite needed escape from being an adult. But not only did we manage to hop of to France, but we also finished my study/sewing room, which I think is the best news since the invention of the chocolate chip cookie.

I mean an entire room just for sewing, diy'ing, chilling,studying and whatever kind of thing I can think of? I've never owned such a luxuruous thing! Sneak peaks of this little nirvana -still in progress- can be found in the background of this post, and I'll make sure to devote an entire post to it soon. But now, something completely different the larch, a refashion!

 A while ago I bought a shirt at my favourite thrift shop, and I bought it for a number of reasons: it was cheap; because it was petrol -I like!-; it looked comfortably huge; and finally, it is bad luck to leave a thrift shop empty handed ( or at least, that's what I'm telling Joost to justify my splurging every now and then)

It was a pretty nice shirt, but the aforementioned hugeness came with a problem:

Oh no! full frontal nudity!  (I can't stop with the monty python puns, sorry!)
I'm not a prude, but this shirt broke even my boundaries. Even when I would bend slightly, I presented the entire neighbourhood with a lovely view on my navel.

So, it was impossible to wear without creating a scandal. But what could I do with it? (And please don't say: 'add an fake insert bib-thingy', because I hate those fake inserts with a passion). Luckily there was nother option to turn this shirt around; by turning it around!

Wearing it back to front, I had a decent neckline, and a plunging low back. Nice!

Pretty solid solution, no? I think it was, but there was still a problem..

It's when I make faces like this that I begin to question Joost's sanity for liking me..
Sliding shoulders.. I hate them! Back to the drawing board... I rummaged a bit through my drawer with ribbons, until I found a nice one (an old drawstring from a jumper).

I cut a piece off, and started playing with it, to see how to attach it.

Close but no cookie

Okay, one string was a bit bland, So I cut another piece..


and fold back!
Easy as that! A bit a sewing, and done!

It was one of those nights where I did like four different refashions, so there wasn't any time for proper modeling the results, but I hope this will do for you! 

I'm quite happy with it! It's not spectacular, but nice enough to wear outside without scaring the neighbours, and still very, very comfortable.. Like pyjama-top kind of comfortable, or rolling up on the couch and pretent you're a potato kind of comfortable. I may have to address the way too wide bottom of the shirt in the future, but for now I think it's just really nice.

Do you like it? And how do you like the sneak peek of my sewing room ?( I still need a cooler name for he space, now it just sounds like I'm repairing socks in there...)

Hope you enjoyed the comeback on blogspot! Keep your eyes open for more projects, because I've just uploaded a whole bunch of photo's from several refashions and home-inprovement projects, and hope to be posting them soon!


  1. I like it!!! Decency has reared its head! I'd wondered where you'd been, figured you'd been busy, and you were, VERY!!! The pics of your vacay are wonderful. Any more? Love pics!!!


    1. Ahw thanks! I love readers like you, thanks for sticking around, despite me being so absent!
      Glad you liked it! I'l try to sneak in a few more vacay-photo's in my next projects, because -as you may or may not have- read in my latest blogpost, I'm trying to do a series of frequent posts over the next of weeks! Hugs

  2. Love your vacation photos! Thanks for sharing them.