Saturday, February 11, 2017

colourblocking the blue!

Oh, the inspiration that my last refashion has given me! I. Need. To. Refashion. More. Clothes!!

I quickly started digging through my wardrobe until I found this...

"Ah, you mean my new napping place?"
Oh bugger off, Inky!

ah, well, With the cat ungraciously moved out of the way ("yeah, go nap of Joost's snowboard-trousers, that's okay!") here it is...

What have we here, except from something that looks conspicuously like a blue square?

It's something between a mini-skirt and a pencil-skirt, and I bought it a long while ago because I liked the colour. But oh my, it is uncomfortable. The skirt is tight enough to give me claustrophobia while wearing it, and the fabric is very heavy, and has zero stretch... which doesn;t work very well on a tight skirt. Also, while I loved the blue, it was a bit boring.  So what to do? Well, add some fabric panels for comfort and interest of course!

Since I decided I wanted to add a good bit of fabric, I didn't bother with unpicking the seams, I cut them straight out. You'll lose some fabric with that, but that was exactly what I was aiming for, in order to have more space for the inserts.

like that! I also cut the seam-bits out you can still see.
I opted for a bit of an etnic print, to break up all the blue and give the skirt a more modern look. The fabric came from an old flanel button up skirt that I found a long, long time ago in a thrift shop far away.

my fabric panels!
As a rule of thumb, I use about one cm for seam allowance. So by cutting about 1 cm of fabric out on each side I needed to add at least 3 cm  for each fabric panel to end up with the same size. With seam allowance that means cutting straps of 5 cm. From that you can add more if you want to do a bit of resizing.

hemming the top and bottom...

and sewing them into place.
And that was it! Here's the result!

The photo's don't really do it justice, but the skirt is quite loose, and easy to move around in, but still form fitting enough to not look like a big sack ( or at least, I hope it doesn't...)

you caught me doing my secret handshake.. 
I really dig the print!

Quite ready for spring!  But of course, after a lovely week of spring temperatures, winter is happening again... Ugh! ( Damn you, winter! I had already started gardening and everything!)

Nevertheless, I liked it so much that on Friday I ignored the fact that it was -3 degrees, and wore the skirt with tights and ballerina's to work, and even got a few compliments on it :)
Afterwards, Joost and I decided to celebrate the fact that it was friday by going to this amazing place afterwards: The Cat Cafe! The purrfect place to warm up my frozen legs up a bit, whilst sipping tea and cuddling with Mr. Bojangles junior ( now that's a good name for a cat) The place is really awesome, and they do movie nights and yoga with cats too, which has me oddly intrigued.

But apart from that, I fear that this skirt has to wait in my wardrobe until spring arrives, because I really was frozen to the bones by the time we got home.

Luckily, I also snatched up some pretty sweets boots this week at the thrift shop to help me through the cold, cold winter...
And before you go have a look at these pictures,  I do have to say in my defense: my usual photographer was chillin' in the bath-tub, it was a long, long day, and I'm not a very gracious person by nature, but here it goes...

These boots are on Fire!!! I know, they make your eyeballs burn and everything but well...
Oh, you want more? Of course you want more!

BAM! A bit of yoga and camera-timer collabo! ( I'm practicing for that Yoga&Cats thingy)
Gods, I really need to learn to behave myself.
I think the only person who is crazier than me for buying them is the first owner of this highly inflammable pair of boots, paying full retail price for them (what was she thinking?) Or was it a gift? Or did she steal them...?  Hmmmm... options!

The trousers were also a very lucky thrift find ( labels still attached, expensive brand, cool waffle-pattern), but I see that the cool pattern doesn't really show in the pictures, so let's just accept that the shine of my sweet, sweet boots just stolen their thunder and leave them for now.
I might show them again later, because I'd really like to introduce a thriftin' thursday to the blog, but still wondering about that one.

So, what was the best find of the week, the refashioned skirt of the boots? ;)



  1. That is an impossibly tough call, since they are both fabulous in their own way. It's like comparing apples and oranges. Nice job on the skirt, and good score on the boots!

  2. I love what you did to fix your skirt. I see a number of refashionings similar to yours in my future. Most excellent job on snagging the boots as well. They look comfy and warm.

    Your posts always inspire me. Thank you!