Thursday, September 1, 2016

DIY | a hanging planter.

I kind of have locked myself out, my friends.

You may now raise a sceptical eyebrow and wonder "what happened?" well, this is what happened.

See, we (okay, it was Joost) oiled our new wooden kitchen floor this afternoon. No biggie, right?
Except that it has to dry for 24 hours and the kitchen is... well kind of the central place of our house.
So while I was sensible enough to take some measurements and lock myself into the part of the house that has a loo and a backdoor,  I was stupid enough leave many important things, such as my laptop-charger, in the now inaccessible living room.

So, here I am, in the bedroom with a slowly dying laptop.. wondering if I should use my last minutes of online time for a crash course in ninja-skills to get the charger back, or if just accept my fate and write you a post.

As you can see.. I choose the latter ;)

So, as you can understand, time for writing this is rather limited, so let's get to it! Today an easy peasy, nifty thrifty hanging planter!

I really thought I lucked out when I found this little, half glazed planter at my new favorite thrift shop for merely 50 cents.

I mean, it's such a cute shape, and I love that patchy, glazed bottom!

Also, some of my plants were still residing in yoghurt cups, and I really figured I should buy them some new homes, before I had a floral riot at my hands ;)
So of course, I snatched it up and took it home. yay!

Then, at home I realized that since I'm planning to remake my window sills into little benches, I didn't have a lot of room for it.
Well, when there's a shortage of space, there is only one way to go, isn't it? Up in the air!

and you can do it too, since it's not that hard.

you'll need:

  • a clay pot or planter ( wouldn't try a porcelain one though)
  • a drill with a drilling bit used for brick.
  • some rope ( 3.5 times the length you want to end up with)
  • a plant and a good bit of dirt.
  • measuring tape

I started by measuring the circumference of the pot, By dividing that length by 3, I could mark three points around the planter, evenly distributed.

dot dot dot..
Then I grabbed my good old drill, took a drilling bit that looked about the right size, and started drilling. 


Okay, this is where the pictures stop, but its really easy:

I cut three lengths of rope ( old tenting rope), pushed it through the holes, and secured it with a good big knot on the inside.

Then I scooped some dirt into the planter, grabbed the saddest looking plant from the house out of her yoghurt cup, and placed it all into the planter.


Much better looking! But ouch, that plant is poor-looking!

I also tried it with a different colored rope, to give you guys some options.

but to be honest, I'm a bit of a bore when it comes to interior..
grow well in your new abode!


  1. I love this. I have been wanting to do some hanging planters in my house but I can't make myself drill holes in the ceiling for hooks. All of the hard work and trauma from painting when we moved is too fresh in my mind to do it... haha! I will live vicariously through you for now.

    1. hahaha, i laughed at that, I recognize the feeling! I actually didn't dare drilling holes in the wall in this room, since they were so nicely plastered, and I couldn't bear the idea of messing that up ;) so everything hangs from the ceiling here, maybe you should it the other way around? ;)

  2. Nice to know there is a drill that works on pottery. I love the upside plants with the uprighted one. Are those all real plants?

  3. Nice to know there is a drill that works on pottery. I love the upside plants with the uprighted one. Are those all real plants?

    1. yeah it does! or at least, on clay pottery, the normal drill for stone walls seems to work ;)

      I love those too! Joost got them as a gift, I believe they are called "sky planters" and they work quite brilliantly. The plants inside are real, and watering them isn't even that difficult ;)