Tuesday, February 21, 2017

An explosive post ( Or: how to fail miserably at pinteresting)

Oh my, oh my!
I really want to write you a post, but truth is: I have nothing to post about! What has happened to me?

It's not that I have been lazy and didn;t make anything at all. I made a sailing bag for my dad... and forgot to take pictures. I made a bee house from an old piece of wood ... and forgot to take pictures.
I made 'this' from an old bed sheet, with the idea to make a bathrobe from it....


and well... I was almost finished, but then I realized that I don't like pink, I don't like flower prints, I don't really like bathrobes, the fit was horrible, and that the fabric was a bad choice for a bathrobe to begin with. I am failing miserably, my friends!

(I'm guessing my nieces will receive some pink, flowery tutu's in the near future though..)

So what to do? Wait with writing until I have tracked down my mother and convinced her to take some pictures of the finished bee hotel.. ("oh hey, mum! pretty pretty please??")
Or.... write about something else perhaps?

Saturday, February 11, 2017

colourblocking the blue!

Oh, the inspiration that my last refashion has given me! I. Need. To. Refashion. More. Clothes!!

I quickly started digging through my wardrobe until I found this...

"Ah, you mean my new napping place?"
Oh bugger off, Inky!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

refashioning: sizing up

Whenever you visit a refashioner's blog, the basic lesson on refashioning is always the same:  "when buying clothes, Go a few sizes up!" This makes a lot of sense: the bigger the clothes are, the more fabric you've got to work with, and every seam will eat up some of that fabric.

But what if you want to refashion something that is actually too small?