Thursday, November 26, 2020

the suit-jump-suit.

Here's a list of things I hate about jumpsuits

1- You usually look like you're wearing pyjama's
2- Even if you are lucky enough to find one that is flattering from the front, it still gives you the weirdest looking, long butt possible 
3- you have to take the entire damned thing off when you have to go to the loo (arrrgh!)

To complete it, here's a list of things I hate about suits.

1- I look like an idiot in them. 

So why, why on earth did I combine the two? 

Because it turned out awesome, that's why. 

For the above mentioned reasons, I haven't felt like making jumpsuits in a long time. I feel huge and unelegant in a jumpsuit. That changed when I found this inspiration on Cotton and curls. Isn't it amazing? While she is much more elegant and talented than I am ( I am seriously in awe of her ability to come up with this idea) I decided to give it a go anyway. 

So, I charged into my favourite thrift shop, and bought one big, old suit!

First, to keep up with the christmas spirits, let me show you my best Ebenezer Scrooge-imitation: 

hu hu hu huuuu

Then, using the tutorial of cotton and curls as inspiration (but also taking some liberties to suit my preferences and body type), I went for it! 

This refashion seems much more complicated than it is, and consists of 5 basic parts.

 1- trousers
 2- top front
 3- top back
 4- sleeves
 5- combining it all.

part 1, trousers. 

I began by carefully ripping out the zipper, and saving it, so I could later reattach it into the backseam.

Then, because the trousers were too big, I took them in in the outer sideseams, slightly shortening and tapering the leg ( but not too much because non-stretchy fabric and skinny legs are a recipe for discomfort)

I stitched up the former zipper, while simultaneously taking the seam in a little bit, so the fit was more suitable for a woman. 

I reattached the zipper into the backseam (again, while simultaneously taking the waist in a smidge more)

Bam, trousers done! onto the top front!

part 2 top front. 

but just like cotton and curls, I did the ol' switcheroo, and used the back as the front. Why? Because the frnt of the jacket already has an opening, and I need one in the back of my jumpsuit anyway, and also because I'd like a clean front without al those fussy plaquets etc. 

So, a deep sigh (cutting into a jacket feels like sacrilege)

If uncle Teddy calls and wants his christmas suit back, he can't, it's beyond repair now! 

there was an insane amount of shoulder pads and structural fabric to remove! Lad's, why are you not fighting this nonsense? Us ladies got rid of shoulder pads ages ago, your shoulders are fine the way they are! 

A jacket has been murdered. Behold the evidence!

I used my trusty base pattern to cut a basic top-shape (tracing a well-fitting top of similar material will work as well, but that you have to fuss with laying out the darts)

I did keep the lining, because while it is extra work, I do love an outfit that is nicely lined, and it could function as a plaquet for my neckline.

I sewed the darts in place in bith lining and top.

I sewed up the neckline by laying the fabric and lining right sides together, stitching the neckline, cutting some notches into the seam allowance, and turned it all right side out!

looks like a top!

part 3. top back

while I didn't take as many photo's as I should have here, the steps on the back were pretty similar to the steps on the front. 

I buttoned up the old front of the jacket, folded them double, and cut out my basic back-shape. 
This meant cutting through some old pockets in the lining, but since I wasn't going to use these anyways, I wasn't too bothered. 

I made sure the underside of the jacket remained, so that the nice finished hem remained (because the underside is going to be visible)

part 4. sleeves

Because the old sleeves accommodated for a serious amount of shoulder pads, I decided to cut new, short cap sleeves out of the old sleeves.

part 5. assembling

We're in the home stretch! It may seem that this proces took ages, but in truth whipping this up were a few hours of leisurely sewing, whilst binging the crown. 

I attached the front top to the trousers, and left the back loose. this means that I can easily get in and out.

The final step was hemming the sleeves and trousers, and stitching the lining in place, so that all raw edges were covered. This did unfortunately involve some hand-stitching, but I think it's worth the trouble!

Bam! Done! 

the joy of big pocketsss

the back! 

Inky and Lieve looked at my efforts and were less than impressed..

"I may be looking like a renaissance painting, but I'm judging you"

"can't you just grow your own jumpsuit like I do, human?"

It seriously is a comfy, dressy jumpsuit! I love it because: 

1- As it is made out of suit-material, it doesn't look like a pyjama
2- Because it has open, slightly longer back panels, you don't have that unflattering long butt look.
3- I love the open back even more, because I can use the loo without having to take the top off. Hurray! 

I wore it to a visit to my parents, where I immediately busted the zipper, because I had failed to catch the top of the zipper properly, arrgh! but No worries, a new zipper was easily installed, and now I look forward to many more jump-suited days!


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  1. What a clever idea! You did a fantastic job and you look wonderful! Love the photos of the kitties, too.