Thursday, October 11, 2018

photography shelves.

It was late august last year, and Joost and I -in all our wisdom- decided to throw a housewarming party, even though the house was still in utter chaos.

"Meh, we'll be fine.." Joost said.
"We'll finish in time" Joost also said.
" It's okay if I don't help with the house this weekend, because I have a football match, isn't it?" Joost also said.  ( he did help. sometimes........)
" Is it okay if we sleep over after the housewarming?" several of our friends said.

What ensued were a few weeks of utter panic; insulating, installing drywalls, painting, cleaning and finishing a last minute guest bedroom.
Miraculously, we we ready just in time for the housewarming: with the paint still drying on the walls, I stuffed a bed into our tiny guest room (literally as big as the bed itself) and figured: "hmm, our guests might need a night stand of some kind to store their belongings.."

With no time to waste on night-shelf shopping (I mean, the guests were practically already arriving), I went back to my infinite supply of.. wine boxes. I know I have made wine box shelves before..  (You don't remember? Well, it was here!) But this time, I added a twist!

Wine box shelves.
I quite like them because they're cheap, convenient, and also because a good majority of my friends and family is taking the "wine o' clock" very seriously, leading to a never ending supply of wine boxes ;)

I began by measuring, and drilling a few holes  in the wall, and added wall plugs (I made a flowchart on how to do that here!)

It looks simple, because it is!
Aaaand I screwed the wine box to the wall..

Of course, I could have just left it at that..

I mean.. It works!
Also, thi post accidentally features some of my favourite books, here: Gerard Durrell!
But come on, that's a little too simple, isn't it?

Then I remembered that I had some thrifted photo magazines laying about, because I can't help myself whenever I find good ones at the thrift shop.

A plain wine shelf and a huge photo magazine!

I love my photo magazines/books, but they also have a tendency to disappear at the bottom of a bookshelf. So I decided to sacrifice one. The magazine ( or book? something in between) I used had really thick quality paper, which I is quite a good idea if you want to give it a try yourself.

So I picked out some photo's I liked..

grabbed some glue spray...
And then It was a simple matter of cutting the photo's to size, and sticking them inside!
You could use some varnish, but given the quality of my paper, I did not think it to be necessary.


A little art and reading display! I also added a simple hook to the side to hang your glasses on.
Also: hey there, Edgar Allan Poe and Desmond Morris!
I quite like the potential this has; I could see this working with other cabinets and shelving units as well, and with other art forms, such as paintings or old maps.

The Photo's I used are from Robert Capa, the little framed photo on top is a favourite of mine from van der Elsken.

Murakami, another favourite!

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