Friday, July 1, 2016

and now for something completely different.. a DIY wire ring with a bee!

The kitchen may steadily become more and more beautiful, but my own appearance... ough, that has sunken to a whole new level.

There is paint on my fingers and my ankles. Dirt of a dubious nature beneath my fingernails. My mascara was lost days ago and is hiding somewhere together with my hairbrush, and I haven't really bothered looking for them. I can only say that I feel very sorry for Joost, having to live with this home-depot version of a cavewoman.

So for the sake of my relationship, I decided to pay at least a little attention to my own appearance, and frost myself with some home-made jewelry (and some good ol' scrubbing) Hence today's post!  

Going through my crafting-stash I found an old roll of jewelry wire. It hadn't been used in years, which was a bit sad since I loved making jewelry as a teenager. So I figured; why not try to make something with that myself?

I took a piece of wire ( about 40 cm) began by wrapping the wire a few times around my ring finger, somewhere between 3 and 6 times should be okay.  Easy as it goes!


Then I carefully slipped the ring off my finger, making sure the size wouldn't change.

then I began wrapping the extra wire around it.
going steady.. try to wrap the wire as neatly as you can.
If you wrap the wire like I do, you'll probably run out of wire at some point. Doesn't matter! it's not that hard to insert a new piece. Just cut some new wire, press it against your ring and keep wrapping around both the ring and your new piece of wire.
See? the new wire is the one going to the left.
Once your old piece of wire is almost too short to use, just change the two wires: press the old one into the ring and start wrapping around it with the new one ( I hope this is kinda clear, I have the odd feeling that I'm using the word "wrapping" way too much and now it starts to sound weird)

Once I had finished wrapping around the ring, I started working on the bee. I can't give you a lot of advice of how to make the bee since I just sculpted it as I went along, but just a few tips:

- begin with the body: wrap a new piece of wire around the tip of a pencil a few times to create a circle. Then press the circle into a kind of infinity-symbol and wrap around it to get something like this:

Don't forget to add some antenna! 

then make some wings from two new pieces of wire:

not perfect, but hey, they are small.. nobody is going to notice ;)
Attach the wings to the body, and the whole bee to your ring:

this is where the leftover wire comes in handy..

And we're finished!! I'm quite happy with how it turned out. And I think Joost was quite happy to see that for once,  his girlfriend didn't look like a bucket of paint had fallen on top of her;) So we had a fancy evening where we ate home-made curry and watched old series.

fancy sippin'
"let's act like it isn't a selfie" I thought, and miserably failed at that
Forgot to take a proper close-up of the ring, so you'll have to do with this one ;)
Did you like it? And do you have ideas for other wire-jewelry designs? I'm looking forward to your reactions!

And for those of you prefer my posts where we kind of smash the house into pieces and rebuild it: don't worry; your wishes will be fulfilled very soon!



  1. I think I have some of that wire somewhere in my stash too, lol! Crafters do hoard. Super cute ring, if and when I found mine I will have a go at this - thanks for sharing Karen

    1. HI Karen! Thanks, glad you like it!!
      haha, I LOVE my crafters' stash, I always find things in there that I completely forgot about. It's like opening your own presents! ;)
      I'm looking forward to hearing about your own experiences with making one of these! :)

  2. That is really sweet! Do you crochet? I make crocheted wire jewelry and find it to be quite a lot of fun.

    1. hey Mub! Thanks!
      I know how to crochet, but it has been ages ago since I last did that.. but crocheted jewelry sounds really cool! I'll have a go at that one ;)
      ps: I had a lovely morning looking at your own blog. So much fun and I love those monkeys you make!!

  3. This is adorable! I do have some wire but I have to check to see what gauge it is. I think I'll try to make a heart.

    Hugs to you and Joost for all the work you're doing on your house. It looks wonderful!

  4. That is adorable and impressive!